Thursday, 1 November 2012

Duelling Paintbrushes 2: Day 1

Ok, so not a great start. I got home this afternoon to find that I'd missed a green-stuff strap on my giant, so more of that to be done. I still need to undercoat everything, then I'll get going... So not so much in with a bang but more a fizzle. I'll get some primer going tomorrow after work then we'll be off.

So, my list of things, again:
  • 20 Night Goblins with full command and fanatics
  • 30 Arrer Boys with with full command
  • 6 Trolls
  • A Giant
  • A goblin (Great) Shaman
  • A Black Orc BSB
I figures it's enough to start with!
I'll get a photo of them all tomorrow.

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