Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Nearly at Launch

Duelling Paintbrushes kicks off on Thursday, and I'm nearly ready to go. The BSB, shaman and fanatics are done. The arrer boys and goblins are done (although I still need to make a musician for the arrers). All that remain are the trolls and giant.
The trolls look much like the old ones. I'll not post new photos of them. The treeman is coming up a treat. He's looking exactly as I wanted him too; you get a decent pose out of the box. His armour came out nicely, and the overhangs distinguish him from the trolls a bit. I sculpted everything on cylinders separately to achieve that. It means the backs aren't textured, but they're not as heavily textured in real life anyway. If it looks really lacking I'll paint some grain on.
Right now, there are no straps. I hope there are by Thursday!
2nd Wave of trolls- had to start from 'unpainted'
Giant stuffed with Al foil. Foil is cheaper than green stuff...

Greenstuff layer, ready to stick magnets into.
Giant nearly done; just needs straps.

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