Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Dystopian Wars Terrain

 About a year ago, I started to play Dystopian Wars. I really liked the look of the ships and the steam punk world, so wanted to give it a decent go. I haven't played in about six months, but with a house move and interest in other games waxing and waning (Warhammer, Bloodbowl, board games, etc...) I haven't had much of a chance to play for a while.

I did make some terrain for the system back then, so I thought I'd showcase some of it on here. This is partly so I can have a post about a game system that isn't Warhammer on my blog; it's a little overrepresented thus far!

I decided that to start off with, I would make some islands, reefs and sand banks. Buildings were not necessary at this stage (and in hindsight, Spartan Games have made many since)
Insulation foam is stuck to the boards (PVA).
The foam is carved. Flat surface is retained.
Some smaller rock spires.
Spray with nasty paint to eat the edges a bit.
Filler and sand to mask the edges.
First colours
A drybrush and some flock

More textures added
In the final photo, you can see everything that I made: Islands (with flat tops, so if land battles ever appealed to us we could use them), rock spires (just to get in the way and provide cover), reefs and sand bars. This stuff took me a day to knock up and really makes a game of Dystopian Wars. I'll hopefully have a battle report for you some day!
Island in action!

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