Wednesday, 24 October 2012

IRL Shooter Presents: Patient 0

This year, a group of gaming enthusiasts/ film makers had the bright idea of making a real life shooter, and where better to start than with zombies? Thus, IRL Shooter was conceived and their first (presumably of many) project is Patient 0.

The simplest way to describe this is laser tag with NPCs. That's not supposed to sound derogatory; it should be a lot more atmospheric than that. The company has been busy converting an old building (location not yet disclosed) and hiring people to train as zombies. If only I had the time!

The weapons they provide interact with a receiver on the actors' costumes. I'm not sure what effect this interaction will have, but my mate Al is going to be a zombie, so I'm sure I'll find out. As physical contact is not allowed, damage is based purely on proximity; standing near a zombie will deplete your health, so they need to be shot at a distance. The weapons are supposed to be extremely life-like, but the announcement was made last week that the recoil modules were not adequate for the gun's mass (3.5kg) so would not be used. Laser tag, much?

I'll be playing this game in mid November, with Matt, Al and some of Al's mates. Six to a team. Right now, we're deciding on weather or not we roll-play this; make up characters ans actually play them as we play.

Either way, looking forward to this!

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