Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Ship has Sailed...

So after ConVic, an offer was made to buy my Ogres. I have, in the past, discussed selling them, but it certainly wasn't on the radar at this time. However, I was happy with the offer and even better; it came with a comission to produce more for the army. I can continue working on the army without having to worry about fianancing it. Sure, it's not my army any more, but that doesn't detract from my satisfaction in building and painting it. It did leave me in the lurch, though...

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

ConVic Wrap-Up

ConVic is done for 2016. Here's a bit of a write-up. I must admit, I only thought to take photos from game 2, and I didn't' bother then because Greg was already taking them an he had an actual camera. I'm sure he'll do a write-up soon; I'll link it when he does. Enjoy my report!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

ConVic Ready

One of the hordes (in Siege breaker mode)
If you read my blog and you're not aware that ConVic is this weekend, that puts you in an extremely small subset of the population. Nevertheless, ConVis this weekend, and having been on holidays from work I've been busy at the hobby table! I'll get some whole army shots when I've got some better light (probably at the event), but you can see what sort of progress I've made.