Wednesday, 6 July 2016

ConVic Ready

One of the hordes (in Siege breaker mode)
If you read my blog and you're not aware that ConVic is this weekend, that puts you in an extremely small subset of the population. Nevertheless, ConVis this weekend, and having been on holidays from work I've been busy at the hobby table! I'll get some whole army shots when I've got some better light (probably at the event), but you can see what sort of progress I've made.

A close-up of the above ship.

The berserker braves. I know they don't have guns in game, but that's what I modeled up 7ish years ago
Some of the two-handed/siege breaker dudes

In Siege Breaker mode...
...and Warrior with two handed weapon mode

 The iron guts can function as both Warriors and Siege Breakers. The change is in the graphic on the sail the addition/removal of shields hung on the gunwale I don't foresee ever actually using Warriors with two handed weapons, but the option is there. I will avoid both in the same army- it could cause confusion.
Warriors with shields

Wider shot

The old gator-canon (the crew are old models in my collection, but re appropriated)

Everyone knows that the easiest way to turn a black powder weapon into a bomb is with a cork. Naturally

The new (2nd) goblin blaster
Front shot

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  1. Looks great. The boats really do add to the visual aspect of the army.