Sunday, 26 June 2016

Bring me the Horizon!

I'm getting pretty close to my goal! Here are a few pics of where things stand:

The smaller boats are complete, excepting the masts. The mast timber needs a bone brush, and obviously the sails are not started yet.

The larger vessels have had bowsprits attached. These still need painting.
The bowsprits were added to facilitate some figure heads. I had a few figures from the Eureka "Gentleman's' Range" that I bought in my misguided youth. This was a good way to use up some figures that has sat unused for quite a while now.
 So looking well on-track for ConVic in two weeks. At this point, I need to:
  • Complete the mermaid tails. I can't figure out how to texture the tails without rolling out dozens of tiny beads to flatten into scales, so I may leave them smooth. Thy still need a fin on the end.
  • Drybrush the masts
  • Paint the sails
  • Paint the bowsprits and figure heads
  • Give everything a hit of Dulcote
  • Gloss the water
This is mostly trivial. If I get time before ConVic, I'd like to:
  • Build a new Goblin Blaster (because the boat I'm currently using doesn't look quite right). I will use materials and figures that are already on hand for this.
  • Re-base my characters. I'm not sure if they need rocky outcrops to stand on, or if floating around on their dinky rafts is a nice nod to the original army. I'll see.
I have a little chest that I plan to put all of my dice and stuff into, so I'll be getting right into it! Hope to see you at ConVic!

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  1. I am really quite Blown Away with these ships. Marvelous.