Tuesday, 14 June 2016

So... No

Last post (over 2 months ago) made the somewhat ambitions claim that I could complete two armies before ConVic. That hasn't happened...
...but I'm back on track to get my Ogres done. I've made some progress, such as getting the masts done and I've also built some barrels and crow's nests.Ok, it doesn't look like a lot, but the barrels and crow's nests took ages.

Some barrels. Ships need barrels.

The two larger ships have now got railings on their poop decks. The white disks will be where the masts attach (magnets)
Crow's nests. Enough for all of the masts.
I'll point out again, there are going to be several, swapable masts. I'll put unit designations on the sails, do I can choose unit options.
Hopefully I can get some more impressive results soon!

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