Sunday, 19 June 2016

Wound Indicators and Armada sighted

Kings of War requires some means of keeping track of unit damage. The most popular method is to use dice, but they have a tendency to get rolled. I'm sure there are plenty of good commercial products out there, but I wanted something on the cheap.

I printed some numbers onto sticky labels, which are pretty cheap. I used Excel to knock out the numbers, ranging from 1 to 26 (which as far as I know is the highest rout value in the game and effectively the most damage one would need to track). I then used conditional formatting (w

hich I love to use at work). I also added a few Wavering and Disordered tokens. There are more at the low end as I figure these will be used more often.
About half are separate, the rest still need to be snapped.

I then stuck the labels onto some acrylic sheet. This is proving the major hiccup, as the sheet is really tough, so snapping it is loud and starts to hurt my fingers. I wanted to use spare Mantic bases, but I haven't generated enough yet!

Greg has already made some of these markers (I printed them in blue-red for him) and we used them in a game- did the trick. His are magnetic and I will also do this. Each unit then has a receiving piece of steel or a magnet embedded in it. 

Also, some progress on ships. Masts are almost complete, only needing sails to be attached (and then PVA soaked). The crow's nests are detachable, and there are more masts than ships.