Thursday, 23 June 2016

When The Ship Goes Down...

Ships are looking a bit more ship-shape now. The hulls are painted, as are the barrels and ropes. I will pick the ropes out in a bit more white I think, but this is mostly how things will look.
The water isn't done yet, but at least it's blue.

A close-up of the ships.
So I didn't bank on being out of most of the colours that I'll need. I found a spray with a close match to the old foundation yellow that I used for the timber all those years ago. Combined that with a mix of Strong, Dark and Red inks from Army Painter (I didn't have enough straight Strong Tone) and a brush of bone and they look like they'll fit right in. By using a variety of ink tones, I think the mismatched timbers won't look so out of place (as in, they'll look like they're from all sorts of places).
You can also see the crows nests in this photo.

The masts are still getting primed. They needed a bit more time because I gave them three soakings of PVA water, which takes some time to dry. Photos of those soon!

Oh, and wound markers are complete. With a flexible magnetic sheet (which I plan to stick a treasure map to!)

I'm getting all of this ready for ConVic, which is on in early July. ConVic was a giant in the Warhammer Days; I bet Kings of War will be a blast.


  1. They're looking good. This seems like a lot of effort, given your army was already usable...?

  2. Thanks Greg. Two reasons I want to do this:
    1. This was my original vision for the army, but it was totally impractcal for 7th ed.
    2. A symbolic bridge burning; Once completed I won't be able to play Warhammer with the army any more. I'm aware that I'm cutting off my nose to spite my face, but worth it (particularly in light of reason 1).

  3. Those are looking amazing, I'm keen to see the whole army together.