Sunday, 14 December 2014

Space Table

My new Firestorm Armada/X-Wing Board
Today I built myself a new board for Firestorm armada or X-Wing. I've never actually had a game board of my own, since I've always played readily at the Hampton Games Club. However, with family commitments getting tighter, it seemed that being able top play a game in the evening would be a plus, so I had a go. It also made sense that the two games I've adopted of late both need the same board. I've made plenty of terrain in the past, so I figured my skills were up to the challenge. I took some inspiration from people on the Spartan Community Board and The Way Gate

The board was made in three sessions, like most of the club boards. I used 9mm MDF for a bit more stability. I wanted to make sure the board would play both X-Wing and Firestorm Armada, so I included a 3'x3' area for X-Wing, over two of the 2'x4' boards. A third 2'x4' section tacks on to make a 6'x4' board for Firestorm Armada.

I have prepared a brief tutorial below for how I made my boards. 

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Dindrenzi Fleet Initial Efforts

The carrier
There seems to be a bit of a frenzy at the Hampton Games Club: Firestorm Armada. I haven't seen a game taken up so quickly in years. Sure, new games have taken off, and the club has seen a lot of new players playing new games since some of the "core" games have started to decline. However, I've not seen so many existing players at Hampton buy into a new game at such a rate. It's pretty exciting, I just hope the excitement last over the summer whilst we're on a break.