Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Why not have both?

Since my last post, I have decided to yo ahead and complete both a little progress on the ogres.

  Being a teacher on holiday means right now I have time to set outside, so I'm using that time to get cutting with bases. I can paint during the term, but getting time for cutting is much less certain.

I have thus far completed all but two of the ships that I'll need. To accommodate all of my Infantry I'll need eight small boats and two larger ones for the regiments. The prototype was a small, regiment -sized vessel, but the hordes need something bit bigger

 I've also come up with a recipe for scale rope that I'm pleased with. I took inspiration from U.S. pioneers who developed barbed wire. By taking two strands of wire, I used a drill to rotate at speed to make a tight twist. Now I literally have metes of scale rope by
 Wire in the drill.
The other end tied to a chair 
Meters of the stuff!
This rope will be essential fur details like rigging and coils on the deck. More photos as I progress.

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