Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Ship has Sailed...

So after ConVic, an offer was made to buy my Ogres. I have, in the past, discussed selling them, but it certainly wasn't on the radar at this time. However, I was happy with the offer and even better; it came with a comission to produce more for the army. I can continue working on the army without having to worry about fianancing it. Sure, it's not my army any more, but that doesn't detract from my satisfaction in building and painting it. It did leave me in the lurch, though...
...I had no other armies that were ready for Kings of War!

I actually only have two armies:
  • The Celts who predate this blog and have never featured. This link is to Brad's old blog, which had a post on them. There really wasn't enough in this army to make a full 2000 point list, and since I don't want a major meodelling project of my own (I've got a comission to complete!), these guys wou;dn't suit.
  • The Wood Elf Greenskins. These guys wouldn't quite work as they were simply because the army has too many orc archers. These guys can only be used at troops in Kings of War, and one can't have an army that is all troops.
I decided that I could get the Greenskins into a playable state with the least effort. That was on Saturday. Here are what I finished on Tuesday:
A mixed* Spitter Regiment
Troll Horde 1
Troll Horde 2
1 of 2 Fleabag Riders
Another angle
Another mixed Spitter Regiment

In coming up with a list to use, I think I have a solution to work. The army as a whole had too many orc archers to make an orc list with goblin allies, or a goblin list with orc allies. In the end, I decided to go with a pure goblin list, counting all of my orcs as goblins. This allowed me to use all of my orc archers without having to produce some orc grunts to access troops.  

The trolls and cavalry really didn't need rebasing, but I wanted to just fot consistency. The mixed regiments did need to me multi-based, as it will make it easier to identify what they represent: goblin spitters! I'm not worried about ambiguity here; there are no orcs in this list (that is, on paper).

I figured out what I think is a pretty useful hack for multi-basing: Black Milliput. When ranking up a multi-based unit, doing a dummy run with Blu Tac helps with positioning before actually gluing things down. Milliput is as flexible as Blu Tac, but holds as firmly as super glue. Using the black variety means that it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb; you can leave it exposed and it isn't really noticable. Sure, the bond could break (like superglue), but then gluing the model back into place becomes a lot more effective as you now have a much greater sufac area for superglue to be effective.
No, it's not as good as pinning each model down, but I'll have completed this army before you finish pinning one horde down. 

So now I have a viable goblin army! This is what I plan to take to MikeConIII:

Regiment of Fleabag Riders
7 Regiments of Spitters
2 Hordes of Trolls
2 War Trombones (my eagle squigs)
1 Slasher (Arachnoroc)
1 Giant 
3 Wizzes (with wind blast and bane chant, one with Inspiring Talisman)
1 Mounted Army Standard
1 Hero on Foot
Slasher, Trombones, Hero on Foot, ASB and one Wiz
So yes, some of the characters are still orcs, and are on 25mm bases. I could rebase them, but they are all pinned, so I think that I'll just take advantage of the fact that I can use larger bases where needed.  If anyone takes real issue, I guess I'll pop them off. The eagle squigs will need a rectangular base attached, but I think I'll just make a footprint out of plasticard and stick it to the underside of the round bases.


  1. What a great looking army, sad you sold the ogres but heh think of the cash.
    Loved the comment "No, it's not as good as pinning each model down, but I'll have completed this army before you finish pinning one horde down."

    Takes me 20 minutes to cut a head off pin the new one and glue it on. So I tend to not pin............... let alone a horde, it just makes me shudder...............

    1. Ha- I do actually pin a lot when I'm converting, but pinning model after model is a real pain. I did actually pin the wolf riders, as each model is only attached with one paw, with minimal contact area.
      For all the infantry and troll- just the putty!

    2. Thanks for the heads up re KOW historicals more money to spend.