Monday, 8 October 2012

First Completed Samples

I'm such a new blogger; three posts in two days! I've finally completed some models, to give you an idea what the Wood Elf-Orcs will look like completed. The bases are my own painted resin and something new for me. I picked up a pack of reed-like stuff from a train shop. It's a bit of a pain to use, but I like the results so I'll stick at it. Not sure if I shoudl add some snow- I'm going for a spring theme and a little snow could be last of the winter. Tell me what you think.
First fourteen arrer boys

First Big Boss
Alternate angle
First completed Troll
Alternate angle

In other news, I'm going to give soem real Wood Elves a whirl at Axemaster. Here goes nothing!


  1. Can you increase the size of the images when you're including them in your posts? These ones are all very little - hard to see the detail.

    It also looks like you're relying on a camera flash. You'll get better results without a flash if you can get decent lighting/daylight.

    All this coming from someone who knows nothing about photography, of course...

  2. I thought they would automatically become thumbnails. Apparently there is more to learn about this 'Blogging'.

    I thought the photos looked alright when they were a bit larger. I do have some Halogen lamps; I'll try to re-take the photos with them. Sadly, I get little good daylight when I get home from work!

  3. I re-linked the photos. I don't know why they shrunk like that; these are the exact same links. The only difference is that I chose to present them 'small' on the page, but that shouldn't affect the full size when you click it.
    Seems to work now.