Friday, 16 November 2012

Elven War Sheep Warhammer!

I like to poke around in the Stats page offered by Blogspot, just to see if anyone is reading my blog. Whilst I'm interested that people in the US, Russia and Sweden read my blog, I was a little confused when I read some of the search terms that resulted in people reading my blog. Namely, the above-mentioned Elven War Sheep Warhammer.

The most frequent search. Also, I'm not sure if you should either...
I was curious has to why this search would result in my blog being discovered, so I made the search myself. Most of the results came up with something to do with Warhammer, but mostly with a reference to a Black Sheep. BackinDrew'sDay didn't come up...

I imaged searched for Elven War Sheep Warhammer and got nothing. A search of War Sheep yielded the above image, which looked appropriately threatening, but not very elven. I also saw this gem:
Ultimate Warrior Sheep!
I found this War Sheep, too, but it looked a little fake:
A search of Elven Sheep yielded this. Disappointing...
I decided to have a go at crafting my own Warhammer Elven War Sheep:

 This is what I put out using my meager skills and tools. Let me know if you can do better!

Let is never be said that I don't cater for different demographics!

Update: Guess who is now Number 1 in the Google search for Elven War Sheep Warhammer?!

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