Monday, 26 October 2015

Duel of Kings: Day 26. Complete!

It is done! I was a bit doubtful, but I'm here!
With 5 days left to go, I'm done. I was really keen to be done, as I have to make an order of cupcakes
for Saturday and that will occupy my hobby time for the next few days. Fear not, I plan to keep at the Abyssal Dwarfs, but I'll have to take a break from painting for sanity!
The whole army
Enjoy some finished shots

The entire decimator horde

The latest half of the decimators
As you can see, the horde is made up of four troops. These will be the base unit for my army; hordes and regiments are just a large group of troops. It's much like making small units of 1-4 models, except that the game scales their cost non-linearly. It's pretty neat to think of it like that.
Lesser obsidian golems
 The golems didn't quite end up how I had envisioned them, but they're not too bad. The armor was an after-though; they needed a bit more definition.
Greater obsidian golem
Side view
This guy is a bit closer to how I picuteed his lesser cousins. I think I needed to spend more time making the black more solid.
I have since painted the obsidian spikes with a gloss varnish to make it more obsidian-y.

Half-breed Champion
Side view

 So in the end, I didn't quite paint the requisite number of models, but I definitely painted the requisite units. To be honest, the units' bases at quite densely packed; I wouldn't have been able to fit 10 of anyone onto a single base. I really like how the multi-based stuff ended up looking; I'll definitely be doing this for any future projects.
The army includes two war-machines, but these are pretty easy to knock over so it made sense to do both at the same time. I only have three troops and one extra regiment. This may not satisfy the word of the rules, but I believe it satisfies the spirit of the challenge,
My transport solution is a plastic tub with strips of double-sided tape on the bottom. I hope to put some magnetic strips down once I put the flexible rubber on the units' bases.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Drew, They look hot! I am really impressed by the quality of the figures. The Big Hats scare me, but your army is starting to convince me otherwise.

    1. Cheers Adam.
      I must admit, they're not fantastic models to paint. By comparison, most individual Citadel figures could probably be display peices, but many of these infantry models have assembly flaws.
      That doesn't worry me; when you rank them up they look great, but you'll notice flaws if you get close. I'm very happy with how my army looks, and individual models (such as the Greater Golem) are of a high standard so they won't give the game away either.
      I must say, I like the old 90s Citadel big hats more than these; the animal hats aren't my cup of tea.