Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Duel of Kings: Day 13

I've got 25 miniatures fully painted. They're not based, however, since I'll be multi-basing. I've gone for a fairly classic look; straight-up fire and brimstone.

I've started to build my bases up out of cork. They'll have lave underneath and otherwise by quite rocky.
Some on the bases. You can see the putty bubbles I've started to apply.

 The gargoyles. These troops aren't on cork; instead they're on hexagonal spires made from hex rod. Originally, the plan was to do the whole army on tessellated pavements (so clusters of upright rods to make a platform), but hexagonal rod was prohibitively expensive.
My vision
The obsidian golems have been cut off at the shin; I'll have them rising up out of the lava. They're going to get repainted when spray this lot, for consistency. I'll go for a scheme more like the one on the left.


  1. You have come so far so fast wow, mine have barely been put together. Lets see where this ends up. Nice work.

    1. Hopefully I can deliver a finished unit soon!
      I feel I have so many differnet aspects of this army to work on and I'm never actually completing anything.
      I should have the basing figured out soon!