Friday, 16 October 2015

Keeping A Handle on Things

Kings of War requires that unit damage be tracked. Lots of methods have been proposed for this: counters, dice, kill rings. There are plenty of options.
My original plan was to put slots into my multi-bases to hold dice. However, I ended up with less space on my bases than I had forseen, so I need a new plan.

My current plan is to make tokens using the plethora of bases that I now have available after multi-basing my army.
Ok, you got me: these are Citadel bases. This photo was more dramatic.
Mantic bases I think make better counters than Citadel; they just seem a bit chunkier than Citadel's. My plan is to put rubberised magnetic receptor on the back of the base, then use printable adhesive lables to put numbers on them. Each unit base will have a magnet burried in it to accept a numbered token. This will allow the unit to move without losing its token.

After downloading Calson Antique font, and playing around with Excel conditional formatting, I have a set of labels that I think will look good. You can just plug your army's colour scheme in to determine the 2 or 3 colours used for the scale.
What I really like about these are the colours; at a glance you can get an idea of what sort of trouble you're in from the colour. This will work for any faction (with any colour scheme!). Just print these onto printable adhesive labels (with ~ 19mm edges), then stick them onto old bases (painted black). Put rubberised receptor on the other side and you're done!

I think I will wait until Duel of Kings is over, but once it is I'll have a go at getting these ready.


  1. I was wondering about doing pretty much this exact thing. Would you be open to printing more than one set...?

  2. Sure! I'll contact you less publicly.