Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Duel of Kings: Day 21

Today marks the 2/3 mark in the operation. Am I 2/3 of the way through?

In all honesty, it doesn't feel like it. But since I have finished the bases, everything is assembled, and I can capture all of the remaining stuff in one photo, it could be alright.
Gargoyles, Champion, Decimators, Lesser Golems, Greater Golem

I have left to paint:
Two troops of Decimators (I have decided not to paint the ones that won't end up on a multi-base for this challenge. Hey- I'm still ahead!)
A troop of Gargolyes (they just need a highlight and their base painted)
A regiment of Lesser Obsidian Golems (pretty quick, really)
A Greater Obsidian Golem (should be pretty quick, but need to add a bit of obsidian to his back)
A Bull Centaur Abyssal Halfbreed Champion

Here are my latest additions:
Halfbreeds and Katsuchan Rockets


  1. Looks like you are well and truely ahead of the pack, unless Owen is still steaming ahead with his apple brandy fuels dwarves.

    1. You don't know Owen very well; he will have already finished painting his hipster-dwarf pledge and be half-way through another one and a scratch-built display board.
      But yeah, everyone else outside the three of us is lagging ;)