Sunday, 18 October 2015

Duel of Kings: Day 18

Finally, something is finished! After nearly three weeks I have something to show.

So I finally got my multi-bases started and I was pretty happy with the result.
Fire and Brimstone
I've never used cork before, but I can't figure out why. That stuff is totally invaluable; brilliant texture (even on the worked, top surface) and it makes really organic (organic rock!?) looking formations.
Once topped with some of my painted figures, they looked like this:
My completed Blacksouls troop
 Despite there only being 7 of them (I only intend to make my infantry ~2/3 dense), I have painted 10 in total (so no-one can whinge about my not satisfying the Duel rules.
A regiment of Decimators
Actually two troops. These will become part of my horde.

In addition to finally getting some results, here are some shots of the Great Obsidian Golem.
Arguably the best Mantic figure I've built so far
This guy was great to build; few pieces, ball & sockets on both arms and head, injection sites broke off easily and required little filing. I haven't been so impressed with some of the older Mantic figures, but this guy is brilliant!
A bubble int he knuckle
 Sadly, one of the pieces had a massive bubble in the finger. Now I know that Mantic will send me out a replacement, no questions asked (I know this, because I've had them send me stuff twice now). I'm not going to ask for two reasons:
  1. It'll take too long.
  2. If I paint it right, it will just look like another crack in the body
  3. I've angled that fist down.
Good Times!


  1. I really like the look of the Abyssals those evil dwarf types are very nice and I love the basing. Lava bases can look so good and it looks like you have captured the "heat" well.

  2. Those lava bases look very nice.