Saturday, 31 May 2014

Some solid progress

This week I've been working hard to get my Wood Elf Orc army done in time for Rockhammer. I think I've reached the point where I am confident that I can make it there. I have even challenged Dave O'War Duriesmith to a grudge match, as he's bringing his Wood Elves that I know will look nice, so I'm hoping we can have a bit of a supermodel Vs Drag Queen match. Anyway, I plan to discuss the event more afterwards, right now here are some photos of what I've done this week:

This week has seen me get my wolf riders out of the way. I find these to be a bit uninspiring, but they're fast cav so they're nothing special. In fact, if they weren't on the more animated wolves, I'd consider not using them or re-doing them when I wasn't to pressed for time. They came out alright, but I still think they're a bit meh. They were the least exciting core unit to paint, and I'm glad they're out of the way. I never much enjoy painting cavalry!
Unit 1, the "Yellow Unit"
The creatively names "Pink Unit"
OK, now that they're out of the way, here's the girl I really wanted to see:
Personal forest!

Front shot

Shaman in place.
I'm really happy with how the 'rock turned out. She does have a few finger prints on her, I think because of my poor choice of primer. That also caused some scratching when I installed the trees. I think it's minor though, and most people won't look for that stuff (will you!?); the trees do a good job of diverting your eye. The shaman sits well, if not leaning forward a little, but that's fine. So far, I have no crew for the beast. I traded the forest goblin crew for some more night goblins, just for some aesthetic consistency. I never liked the forest goblins much anyway; they don't really fit with the rest of the army. If I get time before the weekend, I'll magnetise the 8 crew so they can act as 8 wound markers.
After all I said about how well this model assembles, I must say that the howdah was disappointing. It really wasn't intuitive; the instructions were terrible. Perhaps it's because I painted them before assembly, but I found the whole thing far more laborious than the spider itself. Oh well, done now! No chance of magnetising for swaps; some parts are repeated and the structure is so fiddly that you couldn't fir magnets in anyway. 
Well, I'll try and get a mid-week update in before the event. If not, it'll be afterwards with my tournament report. Wish me luck!

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