Sunday, 25 May 2014

Ready for paint

This week has seen my Wood Elf Orcs reach a point where I only need to put brush to model to finish (OK, a bit of glue for effect afterwards, but that's not modelling). A few snaps to fill you in on my progress towards Rockhamer:

The Manglers are done and undercoated:

The shamen are also in the same state:

The wolf boys are the first cab on my painting rank. Sadly, these guys haven't seen much love:

That's mostly because of this girl:
 As I've said, this is a fantastic model. Painting it has not changed my mind. I'm really enjoying putting all the highlights on her; the detail is awesome! I'm not looking forward to her howdah and crew, and I'm even considering not giving her a crew (since she'll be ridden by my great shaman). They seem like they'll only be a detraction. Is it not WYSIWYG if the crew aren't shown: there's no other way to field an arachnarok. The ones that come with it are also very different aesthetically. I don't know if I want to introduce another flavour of goblin to my army.

It's not just my orcs, though, that have seen some action this week. I needed some sabertusks for my Ogre Pirates, and since no-one would ever field more than three (unless meesa gotta graaand army), I made just that many:
They're a little cuter than I was hoping for, but then that's where a lot of my armies' appeal comes from, so that's probably not a terrible thing. Previous attempts ended up looking like Orca and Manatee respectively; I may still base those up or keep them for another project.

Each stick is about 4" long.
Oh, the putty I'm using is Tamiya Epoxy Putty Quick Type (comes in smooth as well). This stuff is brilliant! It behaves almost identically to green stuff when uncured (perhaps a little softer and stickier, but only a little), but within 6 hours' (not 12!) curing time, it's rock hard (not the rubbery texture of green stuff). It files when cured, and smooths really easily when uncured. Really good for additions. Perhaps a little cheaper than green stuff, too, or at least comparable: This was $11 for 8"x1" or so, whereas Army Painted green stuff is about $18 for 10"x1". I think I'm sold; no more green stuff for me!

Update: Greg has uploaded some photos of a game we played a few weeks back. I could steal the photos, or just direct you there to see them along with his other great content. Chances are, if you're reading this, you came from there anyway!


  1. I only buy green stuff (or rather, kneadatite) in 3' sections on eBay nowadays. It's definitely the way to go if you want to use the stuff. This Tamiya stuff sounds like it behaves differently, though.

    The sharks are a necessary addition and look cool. Of course, you could make more and then convert a Hunter to lead them, possibly on wooden water skis, jumping a shark - Fonz-style. You know you want to...

  2. That hunter would be the down-turning point for my army. :(

    This epoxy is different to green stuff. The price wasn't really the reason I like it, but it is a bonus. It's probably more expensive than 3' of green stuff, but the possibilities when working it are so much better! Just the fact that you can file it means that you don't have to spend *ages* trying to smooth it out whilst you're working, and it's much easier to sculpt sharp edges.