Thursday, 1 May 2014

Pirate Ogre Origins

I had a diary going on Wargamerau whilst I was painting my Ogre Pirates. This was before I started my blog, so it was pretty much a in lieu of this. Alas, the photos were hosted by my old ISP, and have long since been lost from the internet (perhaps someone out there had applied rule 34, but I doubt it). Anyway, I thought I'd put some pictures up of them in case anyone was interested, and because I wanted them out there again. Let me take you back to 2009...

Bases before balsa was added
The bare balsa
After greenstuff for the waves, these were cast
Gnoblar bases. This is the "Pugwash" base in the middle
Broad shot
The test of concept
Belly added
Belt added
I'll go with this!

First unit of bulls
More squeezey- I was so pleased with how he turned out.
With their arms off
Building the mast standards
Sails attached
BSB pre-paint
Long shot
Long shot with paint

The arms and hat come off
Voodoo lady in her fat suit...
And complete. She was the fisrt dark-skinned model in the army, but I decided to add more so that I didn't have a theme of 'whacky black people'. It's only a little bit racist!
Lady and bulls
The display board during construction
It played music
The core of the scraplauncher

Fully clad

Irongut command

This shot demonstrates the removable standards. Then 8th ed made that obsolete...
One of two peg-legs in the whole army. A little disappointing really...

The second butcher, before he was dressed.
In his finery.

Not ever dry. Hmmm, another whacky black guy


I was pretty pleased with the sculpts- I'd never done anything so elaborate before.


The Cap'n!
The rhinox has since become a stonehorn. Pretty much the equivalent role now
Custom carry-case. FYI, it was yellow when I bought it

Compass turn counter

My prize from Axemaster 2010, right before 8th ed came and ruined my army...


  1. I just saw this for the first time at hoodlings blog. so glad you have put the images out there again. Insane, mad, coo coo and I love every bit of it. thanks for the madness.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. It's nice to have dusted these guys and girls off again!

  3. I also was introduced to this army from Hoodlin's Hole. This is some very nice work!