Sunday, 4 May 2014

Back In The Thick of It

It's back on. The dining room table is covered in sprue, bits of models and sculpting tools. Rockhammer in on the horizon; my first tournament in 18 months, and I'm getting my orcs back in the game!

So I'm not completely set on taking my orcs to Rockhammer, I may well take my ogres. It's just a nice excuse to get my stuff out and do some hobby! I had a look over my forces to see how far off the requisite 2999 point limit I was.
So far, as evidenced by this post (noting the date!), I had:
-A goblin shaman
-A black orc BSB
-A giant
-A doom diver
-20 night goblins
-8 trolls
-45 arrer boys
-6 fanatics 

This was not nearly enough! A few other things were assembled, but that's all. To get to a playable state, I'd still need:
-2 orc shamen
-15 arrer boys
-20 night goblins
-4 trolls
-10 wolf riders
-2 mangler squigs 

The trolls were assembled and had skin painted. The arrer boys were assembled. The night goblins wouldn't need any putty, so are quick. The wolf riders were mostly kit-bash with a bit of putty work. I've got some Fenrisian wolves to add some animation*. The shamen are only concepts at this point, as were the manglers. I'd need to source some savage orcs for the former, and the latter would be pure scratch-builds. 
Night goblins with rounded hoods

That was earlier this week. As I write this,  I have the trolls only needing basing, wolves mid-way through puttying, and the night goblins built. I've found a source for a couple of savage orcs.
Expect updates! 

New! Dramatic wolf riders!
*I think it would be in Games Workshop's interest to make this a standard part of the kit. I can't imagine the Fenrisian wolves have much more plastic in them, and I suspect the vintage wolves have long since covered their set-up costs. The goblin cavalry legs fit reasonably well. There's no saddle, but that's not a massive problem.

Update: I wrote this on the train on a Saturday night, going out for soiree with my good friend Brad. You know you're a geek when you go into a pub and take possession of a zip lock bag that you know no-one is ever going to pull you up on.
The good shit. Pure and uncut.

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