Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Finally Complete!

Wow- it's been over 2goblirs, but my Wood Elf Orcs are done. 3000 points completed. That means I can bust them out on the weekend for Rockhammer!
Here are a few quick snaps- I really just wanted to see what they looked like and thought you may too. The colour isn't great in these shots, but hopefully I'll get some nicer ones with backgrounds on the weekend.
Whole army shot

BSB, Warboss, Shaman and doom birdies.
Spider with crew. They have magnets on them!
My left flank. The right is identical, but has a doom diver instead of a giant.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on getting them finished.

    Man, it doesn't seem like many models for a 3,000 point list, does it? I guess you've got about 1200 points of Arachnarok Shaman, Giant and Trolls there.

    Are you going to come back and add some more conventional combat units to the army? Savage Orcs who fancy themselves Wardancers?