Monday, 21 April 2014

Gators' progress.

Some pictures of the gators as they are right now. The unit is all but done, however a few details are still missing. This is entirely due to my lack of any red paint, so some orange details I can't do. I'm out of red, and I've never owned an orange before... Sorry, I had no specific lighting for the shots, just room lights.

The whole unit.

Champion and command.
Standard and the only non-command.
The champion.
Close-up of the champion and his brace of pistols.

Poor Wartortle...
Musician. This guy's claw is holding me back; I want it bright red/orange, cooked lobster.
Standard Bearer.
The non-command guy.

His fancy octopus.

His green shell. Should have made it red...
The ironblaster!
And his mate. Beard and flames need red...
So nearly done, excepting reds, gloss on water and a tray. Perhaps a graphic on the sail/standard. Suggestions?

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