Thursday, 8 September 2016

Rolling Dice Never Felt so Good!

It looks cool, but there are many hidden hazards!
At MikeCon 3, I encountered a bit of a problem. Whilst playing on highly detailed and landscaped tables looks really cool, I felt is added a layer of impracticailtiy: namely rolling dice. It felt like my dice were forver getting caught in the cracked ground or gaps between board sections. I felt I needed to do something. Dice trays seem to be all the rage right now, so I felt like throwing my take in the ring.

Here's my quide to an (easy) dice tray!

All the stuff I used. Tape, Knife, Pencil, Ruler, Sheet of Paper (can be scrap, but must be whole), Bamboo Tray from Reject Shop ($9) and Felt (<$2 at Spotlight). My felt is the adhesive kind; non-adhesive would require a gluing stage.
1. Cut your paper into 4 peices. Each should have one precise 90 degree corner.

2. Place one peice of paper into on corner. The precise 90 degree corner should be in the tray's corner.
3. Add another peice, making sure the 90 degree corner is also right in a corner. Tape it to the first.
4. Continue like this with all 4 peices.
5. This should yeild a template with the exact same dimensions as the tray.
6. Use this to cut out your felt. The self-adhesive felt has a backing sheet- use this side to outline your template.
7.  Cut out your felt and test in your tray!

8. Peel back one corner of your felt and anchor it right in the corner of your tray.
9. Smooth out the felt as you peel away the rest of the backing.
10. Completed!

Rolling dice never felt so satisfying!
Also popular are high-sided photo frames, but I couldn't ind one that was smaller than my felt. The handle-holes have so far not allowed any dice through.
I imagine that if your felt was not self-adhesive, you would apply PVA liberally, smooth it it, lay the felt and put a snug-fitting book on top until the PVA dries. Sources say that you don't want the felt coming free; unstuck bits really get in the way. There were many more colour choices for non-adhesive felt, but I was going for convenience here. This tray took less time to make than to blog about making it!
I'll try making some in line with my armies I think.

And yes; I totally felt the need to keep using that word!

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