Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pirate Ogres Revist

Having just sold my Arabyan Orc army, I'm a little cashed up. Nothing big, but I have a bit of disposable income so I was thinking of ways to have a bit more fun, but also a bit of an investment.

My Ogres are a 7th Ed army. They didn't translate particularly well into 8th ed, but not that badly, either. Since the new book came out, I found myself short on some of the toys: Mournfangs and Ironblasters. My ogres haven't seen the table since just after the new book was released.

I have decided to update my ogre army. This may get them to the point that I am enthused about playing them again, or it will make sale viable. My Arabyan Orcs were presented to the point that they won several awards, but I found they didn't sell well because they were both not well-constructed for 8th ed, and hard to replicate. With the Ogres, I really don't have the space or time to do massive conversions like I did in the past.

...And Theirs. (Mine was first!) 
Enter: Titan Forge. These guys make resin miniatures that emulate the GW style. Their figures fit quite well into GW armies. What's more, when I first saw their Ogres, I immediately pointed out that they stole my bit! OK, pirates are hardly original, but pirate ogres were at the time I conceived of them

They also have exactly what I want, so I can get the army up to speed with minimal conversion work. If I don't want to keep playing them, they should fetch a good price for the whole army, as they present well (if awards are anything to go by) and play well.

Mournfangs. I picked up 4 of these guys, should be plenty!
I think this guy looks really cool with his helmet.
Gator Canon! AKA Ironblaster. BOOM!

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