Sunday, 22 February 2015

Building the Kedorian Battleship

I recently picked up a Kedorian support boxed set. It contains a battleship and two cruisers. My initial observation was that they're awesomely huge! My second observation was that they look like some of the most fiddly Spartan figures I've ever assembled, so I thought I'd document my progress so anyone following could benefit from my experience. 

Firstly, get everything out and locate all your pieces. The cruisers each have two resin halves, four acrylic details and two alternative weapons. The battleship has also has two resin halves, a two-part resin detail, eight (!) metal pieces and four acrylic details.

All resin was cleaned (as always) and de-flashed if needed (give the weapon options a good filing in the gaps), metal was de-flashed and acrylics were popped out. Make sure you remove the film from the acrylics; I didn't notice it until I'd committed with glue and it required a knife to remove.
The cruisers were pretty straightforward, just glue the two halves together and glue the acrylics in place. The weapon options don't need gluing- they drop in and are stable.

Putty and two pieces ready
Don't do this!
The battleship required some strategy. I first did a dry-fit, as the large metal parts need to be reshaped by forcing everything together. I made the mistake of gluing all the metal parts onto one side, then trying to attach the other resin piece. However, the fit wasn't great, and it worked better by putting in two opposing metal pieces, then the other resin half, then slipping the final two metal pieces into place an pressing it altogether. I also sandwiched a blob of putty into the thin cavity for extra contact area.

Mmmm, sandwich
Putty for the vanes
Vanes flattened
 Whilst I was using the putty, I used some to tackle the the most fragile part of the model; the lower vanes. At first, I couldn't even work out where these went! They barely show up on any of the promotional material and I considered leaving them off. Then I decided that with a bit of putty, I'd get them fixed. I flattened each out with a piece of plastic (a heavy book would do). A (tiny!) piece of putty was inserted onto some superglue, then the vane shoved in. Make sure they all sit symmetrically. To protect the vanes, I decided to fix the stand into place. I haven't done this on my Dindrenzi (for ease of transport), but I made an exception with the Kedorians, as they'd be so hard to pack flat anyway.

Vanes off-center
Lastly, the top acrylic vanes were attached. I suggest getting it all dry-fitting first, drop in your glue, then hold it so it is symmetrical whilst the glue dries. I attached the vanes to the central orb before fitting it, and it's now all quite asymmetrical. It wouldn't fit onto the rest of the model either, and one of the acrylics pieces snapped! Oh dear...

Hopefully you are able to get something out of this and you now have a slightly more symmetrical Battleship than I do. Happy gaming!

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