Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Scattered Progress

As it is the school holidays, progress is pleasingly rapid!

I've managed to get paint onto a few more miniatures, start base production and I've made a decent bit of progress on the trolls. The trolls' bases are in progress, using cannibalised parts from the smaller bases. I spent quite a bit of time sculpting trees, so I didn't want it all to go to waste. I'll sculpt new vines for the 40mm bases.

The army, at this stage, will end up including the following:
    The painted archers so far.
    Lonely test goblin.
  • 2 blocks of 30 Arrer Boys with full command. I'm making these guys out of the 6th ed plastic orcs arrer boys with green stuff cloaks. The cloaks were done months ago, but I still need to co-ordinate to get some of the plastic wood elf horns off a mate. I've painted 14 so far, including the trial scheme boys.
One troll in treekin suit.
  • 2 blocks of 20 Night Goblins. These are just the standard Night Goblin plastics with rounded heads, to make them look abit more like wood elves. I've built 20 of these, one is painted so far.
  • Another view of the suit detail.
  • 2 blocks of 6 trolls. These will have 'wooden costumes' to make them into 'treekin'. Like most of my army, they're a parody. The costumes are going to be pretty flimsy, in what I believe is true greenskin style. Their weapons will all be replaced with plastic tree limbs. So far I've nearly finished the panels on 6 of them, but I'll be adding straps afterwards.
  • 1 Giant, in a treeman costume.
  • Two black orc heroes, to lead the trolls. One will be the BSB, the other probably the general. The general will be on foot and he's being made to look like the elf lord standing on a log. The BSB will be on a boar (because he's left from the plastic boxed set!), and I'll be replacing the tusks with plastic tree limbs.
  • Goblin Shaman Lord on Giant spider. The spider will probably stay as is, but the shaman will be made to look like some sort of spell-singer.
  • Some the the first bases off the production line.
  • Doom diver, which you saw in the last post. Made to look like the wood elf way-watcher lord. He's built, I just need to make crew, put the bow in his hand, and put sand on the base.
40mm bases for trolls. Work in progress

Like I said, things are going well. New life in this project, which has been dead for a few months. This seems to be the way with me; I come up with a concept, buy some models and do some proof of concept models, then lose interest for a few months, then get fired up again.


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