Monday, 5 January 2015

Firestorm Armada Terrain

I've completed a bunch of terrain for Firestorm: Armada. So far, my set includes:

  • A board
  • Debris markers
  • Three small planetoids
  • One larger planetoid
  • Seven area of effect templates

Three debris fields and two planetoids
My intention here was to make terrain that was hardy, clearly defined, flexible and thematic. I'm not sure I've got the first one yet (haven't done anything that needs standing up to), but I think I've ticked the other boxes
A gas cloud
I think the key to these being flexible is that all of the area of effect terrain types (asteroids, debris fields and dust clouds) are based on the same template. These were cut from 3mm MDF, which had their edges beveled and then painted. The differentiate them, markers can be added (although they are left blank for dust clouds).
I'm not sure how dense to make the makers, but as least they're practical at any density (markers can be pushed aside if ships move into the area).
The asteroids I've not made so far for two reasons:

  1. I want to make them useable in X-Wing, which requires precisely shaped bases. A friend is helping to print these for me (in 3D!).
  2.  We already have some asteroids at the club, and I'm looking at ways in integrate them into my system so that they're not going to waste.

I've also made (but not finished painting) two comets and tails. The tails are removable so that they could be used as more planetoids at a pinch. The tails fits quite neatly around the comet.

I've taken heaps of pictures of their building, so if you want and tips let me know!

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